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J5 Rescue Supply LLC is veteran/first-responder owned medical, rescue, and tactical equipment dealer located in Northern Illinois. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our wide variety of products for professionals and bystanders alike. We only use and recommend industry standard equipment. 

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Joe SobczakJoe Sobczak
23:38 10 Feb 23
Smooth and easy experience. Vey helpful and knowledgeable.
21:18 08 Dec 22
Eric & Justin came to our office to train us on CPR/AED. I was impressed. These guys have a wealth of knowledge on emergency care, and communicate clearly. The practice sessions were well done and very helpful. It was a real eye-opener. Hopefully we never have to use what they taught us, but I'm glad they did. I recommend J5 highly.
Phil EdsPhil Eds
02:02 13 Sep 22
Did I nice job matching the content to the class needs.
Tim JenkinsTim Jenkins
15:23 12 Sep 22
Last weekend I took a class called TECC-LEO with J5 Rescue Supply and I highly recommend it. I have taken a CPR class and a First Aid class. Real life experience made me want to take it further. The experiences of being first on scene for two car accidents, one a roll over, made me feel like I didnt know what to do in real life emergencies. I wanted a basic stop the bleed course but this was so much more! I was suprised to find out this is the exact class and actual instructor that trains police officers and ambulance EMT staff! The instructor is a paramedic, and a combat veteran corpsman. One of the participants taking the class was an ambulance EMS staff. In fact, if you are one of them you can get continuing education credit. I learned correct tourniquet application to stop bleeding, penetrating chest wounds, packing wounds and chest seals, junction injuries where no tourniquet is possible, and so much more for even worse injuries. Now I feel confident to know what to do in many medical emergencies to get people stable, keep them alive, and get them to an emergency room. I have the equipment I need for these situations resonably priced, sealed in a package about the size of a mason jar. What a great class and great experience!
Oksana RomanchukOksana Romanchuk
07:15 29 Jul 22
It was a great pleasure to deal with J5 Rescue Supply. Thank you so much for your professional approach! The company is so devoted to what they do! Proud of you, guys! Keep that way!
Emanuel Agosto NievesEmanuel Agosto Nieves
02:56 30 Jun 22
Awesome customer service with my order will do business in the future web has a variety of good stuff very impressed with all.
Jaclyn ChracaJaclyn Chraca
13:29 24 Jun 22
I bought 3 different items from them and I love them all. I bought a smaller first aid kit for my moms house, which has all of the essentials one would need for caring for a family member or little one. I bought a big first aid kit for my house that literally has everything I wanted and more. I also bought a small pouch/kit that I can keep in my kids diaper bag for on the go. I literally feel prepared and more at ease having all of these around now at all times. Customer service is also fantastic!!!
Nate MeagherNate Meagher
21:23 10 Jun 22
They had the hesco special threat plates in stock when I couldn't find them anywhere else. Good price and quick delivery. I will be looking here for other products in the future.
john sornbergerjohn sornberger
19:03 21 May 22
Got a set of hesco L210 plates. They happened to be the cheapest here at the time. Shipped in bubble wrap with no empty space. 4 day overturnNot bad at all
Tony StazzTony Stazz
21:23 06 May 22
Bought a LBT plate carrier and sorinex plates from J5. The owner is a fabulous person who expels nothing but dedication to this company and craft. The expedited shipping and full service treatment I received goes beyond what words can express. Forever in my American blood, J5 Rescue Supply
Alex RoshkoAlex Roshko
18:38 25 Apr 22
Great and reliable company. Highly recommend! A true friend of Ukraine!
Masha PetukhovaMasha Petukhova
02:45 06 Apr 22
The expertise and commitment to the customers of this team is outstanding. They work around the clock and do absolutely everything in their power to accommodate your order. They have been a godsend to our humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine. I know that I can rely on them completely - to get a larger order, to source an out of stock item, to suggest an alternative, to get trained. They have created a special page on their website, Help Ukraine, with the most needed items that people can purchase and donate using special discount codes. Moreover - they did it in 4 hours if not less. They never miss a question from me and always find a way to help. Best company out there, hands down
Fritz OgdenFritz Ogden
18:40 03 Mar 22
5 Stars are not enough. Ordered something that was difficult to find anywhere. They were listed as ‘in stock’, and unlike two other places I inquired about, they were actually in stock! After placing my order, I received shipping information within a couple hours, and 2 Day shipping was included. Since the order was a significant sum of money, I received a call from the company to verify that I had placed the order to help prevent fraud. After my order had been delivered, I received an email from the owner, Eric, to check in and make sure I was satisfied with everything. As I told him in the reply to that email, it has been a long time since I have had such a good experience with customer service with an online company. I will definitely check at J5 anytime I need to buy anything they carry. Eric, keep up the good work!
Michael BMichael B
02:32 23 Feb 22
I ordered a set of Hesco M210s and a LBT G3 plate carrier. I also had a question about an IFAK and gave them a call and they were super helpful and answered all of my questions. Shipping was extremely fast, will definitely be doing business with them again.
Johnny N.Johnny N.
18:16 20 Feb 22
Recently purchased a plate carrier and I happened to come across Eric on Facebook which happened to tell me he sells body armor. I scheduled a date to stop by and check them out on a Saturday and when I arrived he had multiple models and sizes. I was unsure that the medium carrier I had purchased was the correct size for me because it appeared to small. I had the plate carrier with me so I put some plates in it and tried it on and he assured me that it was the right fit for my body type. I ended up taking the Hesco plates right there and then.Eric is very knowledgeable and really cares about the products he sells and his business. Him being local was a plus for me.Check out his website and don’t hesitate to reach out or buy!
Isaac StieglerIsaac Stiegler
20:10 16 Feb 22
AWESOME service from these guys. Got a sweet deal on an LBT G3 from them as well as some nice HESCO's. Definitely recommend.
jackie johnsonjackie johnson
01:21 14 Nov 21
Wonderful products, great customer service. I would recommend these products to anyone. Fast shipping.
Becca KapovichBecca Kapovich
00:36 14 Nov 21
Shout out and big thank you to J5 Rescue Supply LLC for my customizable ‘’Mommy First Aid Bag”. It has all my mommy must haves and also some trauma supplies for major emergencies. This first aid bag fits all my needs and more. This is made from high quality materials and made in the U.S.A. It’s always a good time to invest in one of these first aid kits.#J5RescueSupply #Madeintheusa #medicalsupplies #tacticalrescueproducts #veteranowned
Justin McCarthyJustin McCarthy
21:10 29 Apr 21
I ordered an LBT plate carrier and it arrived in 2 days. It's nice ordering from someone who actually has product on hand. Quality customer service from a local company.
Donna JonesDonna Jones
01:12 04 Apr 21
They helped me put together some custom first aid kits and bleeding control kits for work. They are very knowledgeable and provided great service. Very fast shipping!
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