AED Sales & Consultation

What can we do for you?

At J5 Rescue Supply LLC we want to help your business stand out when it comes to safety. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are quickly becoming a standard for on-site medical equipment. Choosing an AED can be a daunting task. Which brand do you choose? Where do you place the AED? What do you include in the kit? At J5 we are here to help you make these decisions.


Where do you place the AED?- We will walk through your facility or business and help you determine the best location to place your AED. Placing an AED can be an important decision, it can mean life or death  when there is a sudden cardiac arrest. Let us help you choose the best place to install your AED.



What to include in the Kit?- We will assist you in deciding what additional products and accessories you should include with your AED.



After you purchase your AED

After you purchase from us, our service does not stop there. We will offer discounted CPR/AED courses to your employees. We will also offer a time period to do periodic inspection of your AED and enrollment in management software to track important dates, statuses, and updates with your device.


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