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J5 Rescue Supply Vacuum Sealed Kits

We are proud to offer our new line of vacuum sealed kits to our customers. In 2022 we had massive back orders on vacuum sealed kits due to the on going conflicts in Ukraine. All of the suppliers and manufacturers we purchase from were back ordered 60, 90, and in some cases 120+ days. We decided to make this move to be able to adapt in situations like this. While manufacturers want to put their products in their kits, we source from multiple manufacturers. If we encounter back orders we can substitute with another industry comparable piece of equipment. 

We do offer custom Bleeding Control Kits and IFAKs for customers who want to choose their own equipment. For those that want us to do that work for them we have our “canned kits”. These are our kits using equipment picked by our professional team members who are still active in their fields (Military, Fire & EMS, and Medical)

Currently we offer three different types of kits, which include:


Each of these kits have different “levels” that add more equipment depending on your needs as a first responder, provider, or lay person. 

Decreased Lead Time

Purchasing Kits from us means you will get your kits faster. We can fulfill orders < 10 units in one day. This will typically take a manufacturer 3-5 days to complete.

Product Availability

We source products from multiple manufacturers. If we encounter product back orders we will simply use another industry standard piece of equipment. We also offer custom kit options.

Agency Kit Repacking

We offer kit repacking for agencies who purchase from us. What does that mean? If our kit is used on an incident, send us all of the equipment. We will replace the equipment and repack the kit, only charging you for the piece of used equipment.

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