Test & Evaluation Program

Did you know we offer agencies and businesses access to our Test & Evaluation (T&E) program? When it comes to safety equipment, fit, functionality, and adaptability are all important factors to consider when purchasing. We offer this program for several different product categories to ensure the product is a fit for your needs. Regarding plate carriers and outer tactical carriers, you may hear us call the T&E a “wear test”.  

T&E Eligible Categories

  • Ballistic Armor (pistol & rifle rated)
  • Plate Carriers & Outer Tactical Carriers
  • Ballistic helmets
  • Ballistic Shields & accessories
  • Holsters (pistol and taser)
  • Nylon pouches
  • Nylon bags and packs (aid bags and assault packs)
  • Less-lethal launchers

T&E vs Product Demo

Some products may not be eligible for our T&E program. We can still offer a product demo. During a product demo, we would schedule a day to present to your department or business all products you are interested in. Personnel would be able to handle the products for the demo’s duration. They would also learn about the product, including specs, pricing, uses, etc.  

T&E Program Requirements

Each T&E inquiry will be handled on a case-by-case basis. To determine your agency’s eligibility, we need to know: number of personnel (sworn if law enforcement agency), products inquiring about, estimated purchase total, and if your agency is evaluating similar products. We also take into account whether your agency is currently or has purchased products from J5 Rescue Supply in the past. 

How long can we test the product?

Our standard time for product T&E is 30 days. You can request more time as needed. Please let us know ahead of times if there are certain trainings or events that you would like to use products for (SWAT school, medic sim labs, etc).

What happens at the end of our T&E?

At the end of a T&E the department can either purchase the item or return the item for no charge.

If the department decides to purchase in the future, the specific item that was used for T&E will be set aside for department purchase. 

What happens if the item is damaged during T&E?

If an item that is being used for T&E is damaged, the department is required to pay for the item at our “department/agency” price. If the department refused to pay for the item, they will be excluded from the T&E program.

Are there any up front requirements for the T&E program?

There are no up front requirements or costs for the agency. We simply need to make sure the potential purchase will offset the cost and risks of us loaning out equipment for evaluation.


Departments wishing to conduct a T&E will be required to elect a point of contact (POC) who is responsible for signing a demo agreement. 



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