Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

J5 Rescue is now teaching the new Second Edition Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) from the NAEMT. This course is intended for medical responders who want to build a strong foundation and deliver proven treatments to casualties in their time of need. TECC is a 16 hour classroom, skill-based training which can include hyper-realistic simulation.


We are an educational partner with the Comittee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC). Being an education partner ensures our student’s receives educational content as it was created.

In TECC students will learn to work through the 3 phases of care during an incident.

  • Hot Zone: Direct Threat Care – Patient care rendered while under attack, in adverse, or otherwise imminently dangerous conditions.
  • Warm Zone: Indirect Threat Care – Patient care rendered while the threat has been suppressed but may resurface at any point.
  • Cold Zone: Evacuation Care – Patient care rendered while the patient is being evacuated from the incident site.
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