Bleeding Control Course

J5 Rescue Supply LLC is participating in the Stop the Bleed Campaign. This is a white house initiative to prepare the general public, lay-persons, and first responders to control life-threatening bleeding. This is a campaign with multiple private and government agencies involved. We are offering Bleeding Control courses as an effort to educate the public. In the meantime, check out the information below on more information about learning to Stop the Bleed at J5 Rescue.

Bleeding Control teaches participants how to control life threatening bleeding. Students will learn different skills in the course including: tourniquet application, direct pressure, wound packing, applying pressure dressings, and manual airway maneuvers. We recommend everyone take this course, from medical providers, to lay-persons with no medical experience.


  • Explain situations when a tourniquet is warranted
  • Adequately apply a tourniquet to control bleeding.
  • Explain situations when hemostatic agents and pressure dressings are warranted
  • Demonstrate how to properly apply hemostatic agents and pressure dressings
  • Define situations when manual airway maneuvers are warranted
  • Adequately perform manual airway maneuver.

Course Details

  • This course is offered on-site, at your requested location
  • Course is 2.5-3 hours long
  • Upon completion, participant will receive a certification

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