TT Medic Transporter Panel

A must have for organization of your casualty care provider space. Whether it be an aid station, CCP or medevac/casevac vehicle this panel will accomplish what you need. Modularity and organization is important to ensure your casualties receive care in a timely manner.


The TT Medic Transporter Panel by Tasmanian Tiger USA

The TT Medic Transporter Panel is finally here! This is a unique item that has a very specific place in tactical medicine and we are proud to offer it to our customers.

Turn any wall, whether it be to a home, bearcat, or even a cool windowless van into your own casualty treatment area. This panel allows for storage and rapid identification of essential equipment.

TT Medic Transporter Panel

This panel is constructed from 700D cordura fabric and comes as four smaller sheets, zipped together to form a larger sheet. There are eight smaller pouches with a transparent front. The transparent window is made from a durable clear marine vinyl. Some of the pouches are a dual pouch and feature a front and back zipper to separate different components. This comes in handy when separating different components of the same classification (basic airway vs advanced airway, IV vs IO, etc.)

Swap & Customize

TT Medic Transporter Panel
TT Medic Transporter Panel

Each pouch uses the pouch attachment ladder system (PALS). This is typically referred to as MOLLE. This allows each pouch to be moved to exactly where you need on the panel. The system also features ten hook & loop ID labels.


  • 2x “BLEEDING” labels
  • 2x “BREATHING” labels
  • 2x “AIRWAY” labels
  • 2x “IV/IO” labels
  • 1x “MEDICATION” label
  • 1x “HYPOTHERMIA” label

Quality Construction

The panel features four grab handles made of durable webbing with box stitched attachment to the main panel. The edges are bound and double stitched. The zippers are a durable #10 and are also attached with a double stitch. Each area where elastic or webbing attaches to the panel has been bar tacked to increase the strength of the stitch. These panels, like Tasmanian Tigers other equipment, appears to be very well made. Stay tuned for our torture test in the next six months. 

TT Medic Transporter Panel
TT Medic Transporter Panel


Checkout more info regarding the TT Medic Transporter Panel by Tasmanian Tiger USA by reading our article New Product Release: TT Medic Transporter Panel


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