SWAT-T Tourniquet


SWAT-T Tourniquet

The Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck Tourniquet or SWAT-T is a device designed and marketed as a tourniquet. We appreciate the functionality of this device and like to think of it as more of a versatile dressing. 

A Versatile Dressing

A multi-purpose device that can be used as a tourniquet, pressure dressing, or elastic bandage, depending on the situation.
The SWAT-T tourniquet is made from a stretchable, latex-free material that allows for flexibility and ease of application. It is designed to be applied quickly and effectively by both trained medical professionals and laypersons in emergency situations.
SWAT-T Tourniquet

Benefits of the SWAT T

Cost Effective

The SWAT T is an affordable alternative that can have many uses. It can be a pressure dressing, elastic wrap, or a tourniquet if a windlass tourniquet is not available.

Size & Weight

The SWAT T can be used in a compact first aid kit or EDC kit. With the slim profile of this dressing, you will hardly know it is there.


The SWAT T is flexible which provides an edge when applying it to different body shapes and sizes. The SWAT T has also been proven to work on small child limbs and for K9s/Working Dogs.

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As a Tourniquet

The SWAT T can be used as a tourniquet, we always recommend a CoTCCC recommended tourniquet as a first line, but this is just one functional role the SWAT T can fulfill if needed.

As a Pressure Dressing

The SWAT T can be used as a pressure dressing to control mild/moderate bleeding injuries. Use the indicators on the dressing to ensure you are not applying tourniquet pressure and you are good to go. The SWAT T can be applied over wounds that have just been packed. It can also be used to wrap junctional injuries with the proper method. 

As an Elastic Wrap

The SWAT T can be used as a wrap to treat various injuries. It is useful for wrapping immobilized fractures, extremities, buddy splinting, and slinging and swathing. This is why we like the SWAT T, we think it is a great multi-role dressing that is cheap enough and small enough for any medic or bystander to carry. 

Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in

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