SAM Bleeding Control Kit Vacuum Sealed


Bleeding Control Kit SAM Medical


There are a number of ways an individual can be injured that could lead to life threatening hemorrhage. Staying prepared is essential with the increase in rising threats, SAM Medical has you covered.

The SAM medical bleeding control kit includes essential medical devices designed to limit blood loss in emergency and traumatic situations. After calling emergency personnel, these items may help stabilize the injured person in such events.

Featuring the revolutionary SAM XT

The SAM XT’s innovative design requires fewer adjustments and decreases application variation through consistent anticipation of windlass turns. Explore below to learn more about the TRUFLEX™ Plate, Metal Windlass Rod, Time Band, Precision Strap and how the design supports intuitive use.

The SAM XT is a recommended tourniquet by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Co-TCCC).

A tourniquet is essential in every kit. We recommend the SAM XT to anyone who does not frequently train on a Co-TCCC recommended tourniquet. This is because we believe it is easier to use because the “pull till it clicks” buckle, gives an audio indication that the tourniquet strap has been adequately tightened.

Proven To Survive

SAM XT’s innovative design requires fewer adjustments, decreases application variation between users and patients through consistent anticipation of windlass turns, and enables easier, faster training and intuitive use.


  • SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet
  • Medical Gloves
  • Medical Shears
  • Compressed Gauze
  • Permanent Marker
  • Emergency Bandage (6″ wide)
  • Instruction Card

Vacuum Sealed, Non-Vacuum Sealed


SAM Medical

SAM Medical


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