First Responder’s Breaching Kit | F.R.B.K.

The First Responder’s Breaching Kit (F.R.B.K) is the all-in-one kit for thermal breaching. This is our most popular kit for law enforcement, military, and those who desire to carry a kit for a thermal breaching solution in crisis.

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First Responder's Breaching Kit Details

The First Responder’s Breaching Kit (F.R.B.K) is an all in one setup. Popular amongst law enforcement, military, and anyone tasked with making entry. The Breachpen is a great item to have for those unexpected obstacles. Whether you are tasked with cutting metal, rebar, chains, or locks, with the right technique it will have you through in no time. From clandestine operations to the most austere environment this kit rates a 10 in our book for most useful per carried ounce.

The F.R.B.K. contains:
  • 2 x Breachpens (***Black in color***)
  • 1 x BROCO Jimmy Pry Bar
  • 1x BDS40 MK5 Fire Suppression device
  • 1 x Extra match
  • 1 x Complete carrying case with sling
Shelf life of Breachpen is 2 years. We strongly encourage continual training with it and suggest training with it at least once a year.

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