Eric Jones

Eric Jones


Let’s Talk About Pelvic Fractures

For too long pre-hospital providers have stabilized suspected pelvic fractures with hospital sheets or by using a KED upside down. The gold standard of pre-hospital stabilization of pelvic ring fractures is by using a pelvic circumferential compression device (PCCD).
Studies have shown that early stabilization with a PCCD results in decreased mortality, decreased need for blood transfusion, and earlier hospital/ICU discharges.
Our PCCD of choice is the SAM Pelvic Sling II, by SAM Medical. The Pelvic Sling II, when compared to other brands, has shown an equal application time, it has a much lower profile, less soft tissue damage when placed at the greater trochanters, and its cheaper.

The SAM Sling II features

• SAM’s patented auto-stop buckle “pull till it clicks” and secure (activates at 150n or approximately 33lbs.)
• Low friction posterior slider
• Radiolucent material (can remain applied during imaging)
• Tapered design, which makes it easier for anterior procedures without removal (catheterization, imaging, and surgery)

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