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New Product Release: TT Medic Transporter Panel

This is a product we are really excited about. While it is not necessarily a new product, it is new to the U.S. market. This product has been offered in Europe for a while but we frequently run into people in the U.S. trying to get them. 

The History

These style of medical organizational panels are not a new concept. Commonly found in battalion aid stations, field hospitals, and MEDEVAC platforms. Some common brands include SOTECH, Chinook Medical, and LBT 

Initially, these panels were designed by SOF medical personnel to meet the needs of their medical mission. The adaptability of these panels are successful in bridging the gap between an aid bag and hard case modular storage. 

TT Medic Transporter Panel

TT Medic Transporter Panel

The Tasmanian Tiger Medic Transporter Panel is sewn from 700D CORDURA. It is one large panel (41.3″ x 20.8″) that can be separated via zippers into four smaller panels. This panel can be folded twice to allow for convenient storage and transport. The panel features multiple pockets, some with a transparent window to view equipment inside. There are multiple methods of securing the panel to a vehicle, tent, or a wall.  



  • Fabric
    • 700D CORDURA
    • 420HD Nylon
  • #10 YKK Zippers
  • WJ Plastic Hardware

Labels Included

    • 2x Bleeding
    • 2x Airway
    • 2x Breathing
    • 2x IV/IO
    • 1x Medication
    • 1x Hypothermia

How does it apply today?

TT Medic Transporter Panel

While this is a great option for mobile force ready providers, they are also a great option for first responders and emergency services. With the increase over the last 10 years in Tactical EMS (TEMS) operations and Rescue Task Force (RTF) the organization and modularity is greatly needed as close to the point of care as possible. 

We recommend panels for mobile triage units, field hospitals, casualty collection points (CCPs), and MEDEVAC platforms. 

Release Info

We are expecting to have these in stock February or March of 2023. We have talked to Tasmanian Tiger and ProForce Equipment (exclusive U.S. distributor) at SHOT Show 2023 and they have both confirmed it. We will stock olive, black, and coyote. We will offer a “bag only option” and a tiered packing option that will provide medical teams, NGOs, and TEMS an “ready to run” option.

Check out the product listing on our website TT Medic Transporter Panel. We will make an announcement when these are in stock and ready to ship.
TT Medic Transporter Panel

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